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Board of Directors

SeniorAge’s policy is established by a 17-member Board of Directors. Each member is democratically elected from one of our 17 counties. This board allocates all funds, sets all policies, and evaluates performance. Our board members are elected for three-year terms and may serve as many times as they are elected. At least 51% of them must be age 60 or older. Staggered terms assure that no more than six are replaced in the same year. This maintains a core of experienced members.


Rich Meyerkord

Paul Brockman
Vice President

Peggy Don Yates

Judy Warren


Region 1
Barry, Lawrence, Dade
Paul Brockman
Sam Herkelman


Region 2
Dallas, Polk, Webster
Peggy Don Yates
Mae Burtin


Region 3
Douglas, Texas, Wright
Nancy Thomas


Region 4
Ozark, Stone, Taney
Rich Meyerkord


Region 5
Howell, Oregon, Shannon
Kathleen Hensley
Terry Sanders


Region 6
Christian, Greene
Judy Warren
Sharon Eveland

Meeting Dates for Fiscal 2022

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda September 17, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. Virtual ZOOM meeting The SeniorAge Board of Directors will be conducting the September business meeting virtually. Public attendees may call into the meeting for audible access. Call…

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