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What Type of Home is Best For You

When considering which type of housing is best for you or a loved one, consider the needs, wants, and personality of your family member when making this determination. For some people, staying in their current home works best, but for others, there may come a time when everyone agrees that a different housing option is needed.

The good news is that  there are many housing options to choose from. The key is to make the right choice—matching the housing to the needs, wants, and personality of your older family member. 

Whether you need answers and information immediately, or simply want to explore future housing possibilities for yourself or a loved one, we have information and resources that can help make this a pleasant and painless process.

Many senior living communities offer a continuum of care, sometimes called “step care” or “progressive” care facilities. They offer a wide range of options, all the way from independent living to special care on the same campus. Residents are usually admitted when they live independently. As their needs increase, residents are able to transfer to other areas of care within the community. We invite you to browse this section of our website for more information, or view our Blue Book Directory of Resources for more in-depth description and guidance.

Independent Living

Independent senior living communities, also known as retirement communities, senior living communities or independent retirement communities, are housing  generally designed for seniors 55 and older. Independent senior living communities commonly pr…

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Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities, also called residential care facilities, offer residents a place where they can receive basic assistance in one or more of the following areas: housekeeping, meal preparation, 24-7 monitoring, shower assistance, toileting,…

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Short-Term Care

Short-term home care services can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of months while someone is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. In these instances, home care is a beneficial temporary solution. For example, many home care agenc…

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Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing (also called nursing homes or rest homes) offers 24-hour skilled nursing care and medical oversight and is the first level of care that is licensed to administer medical treatment with nurses. A skilled nursing facility is a lot like…

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Long-Term Care

Long-term care services are generally for seniors with chronic and/or progressive conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In these instances, regular assistance and care are…

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Memory Care

Memory care is a distinct form of long-term care designed to meet the specific needs of a person with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or other types of memory problems. Memory care goes beyond what is traditionally offered in an assisted living setting…

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Subsidized Living

Subsidized rental housing allows eligible tenants to pay a reduced rental rate based on income. It is a federal program funded either by the US Deprtment of HOusing and Urban Development or the USDA Rural Developmet Office, depending on the location.…

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