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Changing Your Medicare Plan

Most people keep the same Medicare plan year after year without questioning whether it’s still a good choice. That could be a mistake. Changing plans is sometimes a wise thing to do. At SeiorAge, we recommend evaluating your plan each year to ensure you are receiving the best plan and the best rates available.

Plan coverage and costs may change from year to year, and your health care needs could change, too. You can change your Medicare Plan each year during Medicare Open Enrollment or during a Medicare Special Enrollment Period if you qualify. 

Medicare Open Enrollment takes place every year, October 15 – December 7. It’s similar to the open enrollment you may have experienced with employer coverage, which generally takes place in the fall. A big difference with Medicare is that you are likely to have more coverage options than you did as an employee. Any changes you make will go into effect in January of the following year.

Here are the kinds of changes you can make during Medicare Open Enrollment:

  • Change from Original Medicare (Parts A and B) to a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan or vice versa.
  • Switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to a different Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Join, switch or drop a Medicare prescription drug (Part D) plan. You may be charged a premium penalty if you drop Part D coverage and want it again later.

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