SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging


Foot Clinics

Foot problems are especially common in older people, for a variety of reasons. Feet lose cushioning as they age, and the skin and nails can grow dry and brittle. Many seniors have poor circulation, and this can slow the healing of foot sores. As we age we also become less agile, making it difficult to clip our toe nails and visually inspect the condition of our feet.


For this reason, SeniorAge Senior Activity Centers host monthly foot clinics to help seniors detect potential foot problems before the onset. Licensed specialists perform routine foot checks including foot soaks and toe nail clipping. They can alert seniors to problems before onset and guide them in seeking treatment if a condition has progressed.

Medicare will help cover the cost of foot exams and treatment if you have diabetes-related nerve damage or meet certain conditions. MO-HealthNet (formerly Medicaid) will help pay for foot care preformed by a doctor who accepts MO HealthNet.

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