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Research shows that older adults who participate in senior center programs can learn to manage and delay the onset of chronic disease and experience measurable improvements in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental, and economic well-being.

For our Partnering Senior Activity Centers in outlying counties we have a new calendar and feature allowing you to register for classes on line. To view the calendar of activities for a center near you, visit

SeniorAge Senior Centers are reinventing themselves to meet the needs and desires of the aging baby boom generation. Boomers now constitute more than two-thirds of the 50+ population. We continue to develop new programs and opportunities for this dynamic generation of older adults.


Evidence-Based Programs

Evidence-based programs work! Solid research studies have proof that these programs promote documented health benefits and prevent disease or injury among older adults. Seniors who participate in these evidence based programs have a better quality of life - better long-term health and fewer falls. SeniorAge offers a variety of evidence-based wellness programs throughout our 17-county service area.

Foot Clinics

Foot problems are especially common in older people, for a variety of reasons. Feet lose cushioning as they age, and the skin and nails can grow dry and brittle. Many seniors have poor circulation, and this can slow the healing of foot sores. As we a…

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Health Screenings

As both men and women age, health screenings become an important prevention mechanism for early detection of a potential health crisis.  SeniorAge Senior Activity Centers partner with medical professionals to offer a variety of screenings at the cent…

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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, including older adults. There are different types of exercises that may be better suited for your physical abilities.  SeniorAge Senior Activity Centers offer a variety of fitness and e…

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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi has been shown to be one of the most effective exercises for preventing falls. Classes are currently being offered in Senior Activity Centers throughout our 17-county service area.   Tai Chi is a noncompetitive martial art known for both its…

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Matter of Balance

Workshops are being conducted via zoom during the COVID pandemic.  Visit our wellness calendar to register for this class and to see other offerings by SeniorAge. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for those 65 years of a…

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Falls Prevention

Falls are common and falls are costly!  Falls in adults age 65 and over are the leading cause of head injury and broken hips and are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans.  That's why Area Agencies on Aging now offer p…

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Each year, more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States. When a person has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately getting CPR from someone nearby. Almost 90 percent of people who suffer out-of-hospital cardi…

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Chronic Disease Self-Management

Workshops are being conducted via zoom during the COVID pandemic.  Visit our wellness calendar to register for this class and to see other offerings by SeniorAge. Chronic Disease Self Management Programs are designed to help people gain self-confiden…

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